MartialCamp is a fun, casual get-together for martial arts enthusiasts. It is a platform for masters, practitioners and novices of martial arts to meet, exchange ideas, explore and further martial arts. Unlike traditional conferences, seminars and exhibitions, MartialCamp has minimal formality and forms demonstration. Instead the podium is open to all who wish to share and demonstrate their art. Register now to book your place!


Bajiquan The importance of the triangle in Bajiquan
Bak Mei The six powers of Bak Mei
Choy Lei Futt The ten elements of Choy Lei Futt
Five Ancestors The sharp linear force of Taizu
Hakka Tiger The tricks of vagabond kung fu
Iliqchuan The three planes, six physical points
Krav Marga Comparing Krava Marga and Kungfu
Luk Hup Batt Fatt The six harmonies and eight methods
Mantis The monkey footwork of Northern Mantis
MMA MMA techniques against amateur fighters
Muay Thai Defences against thigh kicks
Silambam Stick fighting and defence skills
Silat Core ground fighting skills
Taijiquan The use pviots in combat
White Crane The generation of whipping force
Wing Chun The use of Bil Jee in emergency situations
Xingyiquan Applications of the five elements

The above is a proposed list of schools presenting and suggested topics. The final agenda will likely be different from what is shown here depending on speakers' acceptance and preferences.


Masters and practitioners from many styles are being invited to present at MartialCamp 2011.  Hopefully the invited masters are able to make it to the event and share with youngsters their inspirational stories and also a ttechnique or two.

Southern Arts
Choy Lay Fut
Five Ancestors
Hakka Tiger
I Liq Chuan
Pak Mei
Praying Mantis
White Crane
Wing Chun
Northern Arts
Special Guests
Muay Thai


09:30am: Registration

10:00am: Masters Presentation
- Each master or practitioner presents for 15-20 minutes.
- Part 1: Introduction to the art or a particular technique or feature
- Part 2: Forms or self-defence demonstration
- Part 3: Questions & answers

12:00pm: Hands-On Workshop
- Instructors break out into groups.
- Participants gather around a instructor that interests them.
- Instructor provide hands on demonstration.
- Participants may move freely among instructors.

12:30pm: Knowledge Exchange
- For participants who wish to exchange knowledge with others
- Part 1: Shadow Boxing (contactless, similar to Silat Pulut)
- Part 2: Attack and Defence (half contact, structured, not free sparring)

01:00pm: Closing Remarks and End of Event

The above list of presenters and the program are being firmed up and may change.