Martialcamp 2.1: Practical Workshop

Martialcamp 2.1 is a casual meet up for ad hoc martial arts presentations.All schools, clubs and styles welcomed. Possible topics include:
  •  reviews of forthcoming martial arts seminars
  •  martial arts techniques and principles
  •  internal vs external martial arts
  •  chi vs non-chi power
  •  hard vs soft power
  •  long vs short fists
  •  demonstrations of martial arts
  •  simulated combat demonstrations between clubmates
Event Details
Date: Saturday, March 3rd, 2012. 10am - 12pm
Admission: Free.
Seating: On floor/mat
Registration: At the floor, guests not known to the organizer will be asked to introduce themselves.
Enquiries: +6012-660-8940 ((SMS only)
Venue Map:

Sponsors and Friends
Muayfit MMA Studios:
Tai Chi Secret Movements: